The History of Carpet in the United States

Have you ever wondered how carpet got its start? Today I would like to give you a brief history of where the carpet you have in your home came from.

It all began in 1791, a man named William Sqrague started the very first woven carpet mill. After he began, other mills followed suite.

Of course, where new ideas spring up so do other people who want to continue to advance the world. In 1839, Erastus Bigelow came along and completely changed the industry. He invented the power loom for weaving carpet. Of course you can imagine that the carpet production doubled the first year and tripled shortly there after. Bigelow continued to be an innovator and received 35 different patents.

As the years went by, other people saw the potential with making carpet and earning an income. The first carpets closely resembled oriental rugs with the intricate designs. From there a lady named Catherine Evans Whitener created a hand made bedspread. Of course, bedspreads continued to grow in popularity. Which led to the first tufting machine. By 1950, only a few carpets were tufted and most were woven. But then all of a sudden, everyone began to see the value. Now there were man-made fibers, new techniques and equipment. Now tufted products are the norm 90% and less than 2% are woven. The tufting industry exploded and was over a $100 million dollar industry. By the 1960’s it became a billion dollar industry.

With all this carpet becoming more popular and affordable, the need for cleaning it arrived. Early rugs were put outside and beat with a wooden stick to get them clean. Thus the first cleaning machines were invented. In 1860 Daniel Hess invented the “Carpet Sweeper” it had rotating brushes. By 1869 Ives McGaffey patented the whirlwind. This machine was a sweeping machinVacuumCleanerIXLMuseume with no motor. 1901 arrived and H. Cecil Booth built a large engine-powered vacuum cleaner It was so big it had to be pulled on a cart, with a large hose that was attached and brought into buildings to clean the carpet. By 1907 a smaller electric version was created and in 1908 William H. Hoover purchased the patent rights for his vacuum. This set the standard for all upright cleaners and the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Company began!



Picture courtesy of “VacuumCleanerIXLMuseum” by Royalbroil – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

Dormant Tree Pruning

As fall and winter approach us each year, it is important to inspect the trees on your property. This is a busy time for arborists as they are called out to homes to ensure trees are ready for the winter, or to trim them in preparation for winter.

It can be very beneficial to trim your trees during the dormant period of winter and fall. During the dormant period, trees stop growing, and they loose their leaves. This is the perfect time to inspect your tree. Continue to read to find out about the benefits of taking care of your trees before spring arrives.

Landscaping. This is the best time to trim trees because there is less damage to the surrounding landscaping, with no leaves to deal with.

Storm readiness. This is a hot topic right….. Obviously we need to make sure that the trees on your property are ready to withstand rain, ice, snow, and heavy winds.

Health of the tree. Some trees must be trimmed during the dormant period. This is the only time for certain species to handle being pruned to stop disease from happening.

Precise pruning. When there are no leaves to block the view of the branches, the arborist is able to clearly see the exact health of the tree. It is easy to spot the dead limbs, disease, and which branches need to be trimmed.

Healing time. After the tree has been trimmed, it needs time to heal. Think of it like a wound that needs to be healed. During the spring months is when your tree will be able to have the time it needs to completely heal after being pruned. This too helps your tree look its best during the spring and summer months.

Knowing exactly what to look for when deciding if your tree needs to be trimmed or what branches should be removed can be challenging. This is where a certified arborist should be contacted so they can ensure that your tree is properly taken care of.

3 Things To Check Before You Take Off

Things can get a bit chaotic before you get on the plane to travel anywhere. The last trip I forgot a few things myself so I wanted to put together an article to help people avoid the same mistakes. You should always have a check list in your pocket so that you can whip it out and make sure that you have everything with you at all times. Things like your cell phone, charger, extra change of clothes, and maybe even a book should be with you at all times.

There was one trip that I took that I didn’t have any clothes because the airline lost my back. If I had kept a change of clothes inside my backpack I would’ve been more comfortable the entire trip. Unfortunately, I didn’t get my bag back until weeks after the trip was over and I was already home. I didn’t let it ruin my trip but it would’ve been a lot more fun if I had the swimming trunks and all the cool stuff that I brought and had a plan to wear.

The only benefit to the airline losing your suitcase is the fact that you can get a set of clothes every single day that you’re bagis lost on your trip. Be sure to check with your airline before going on a shopping spree but as long as you keep your receipts you will be paid back for the cloths that you buy each day.

Another one of the most important things to check is to confirm with your airport limo the time for your departing and returning pick up. This is important to make sure that you have your reservation so you’re not sitting at the airport waiting for hours because it can be a huge mess. As long as you contact the company and you know that your reservation is set in stone then you can relax and have a peace of mind knowing your transportation wont leave you behind.

Finally, it may be a good idea to contact your phone company as well as your bank to tell them about the upcoming changes such as roaming changes on your phone or out of the country purchases for your card. You don’t want to get to Mexico or wherever you’re going and find out that your credit card has been shut off and you can’t get a hold of the bank at the time that you really need it. Also, It’s not uncommon for the phone company to charge you an extra fee so they can rack up a huge bill on your vacation. The easiest way to avoid this is my calling your phone company and making sure that you’re not going to get cheated on your plan while away.

These tips can help you avoid a headache before you leave for your next trip. Just take a few minutes to go through them and follow through and your next vacation will go on without a hitch. Plus, When you get this right you can really save a lot of money that would’ve been wasted on your trip, so have fun and be sure to take advantage of these money saving suggestions before you go!


Do Limos Offer Quality Wine Tours?

When deciding how to plan your wine tour, why not rent a limousine to take you on the tour in style? This way you are able to enjoy the scenery and the wine without worrying about the hassle of driving and the inconvenience of being the “designated driver”.

Why not make it an all day tour too. Find a limo company that is able to help you plan this fun day! The company should should be flexible to meet your needs. You may have some specific wineries you would like to visit, or maybe you are unsure how to even begin. The limo company you choose should be knowledgeable and able to take care of all the details for you.

Want to go on a wine tour off the beaten path? Ask them whether or not they know of any special places that you may have never heard about. Make this an adventure.

Whatever limousine company you choose for your wine tour, make sure that it includes a variety of stops that will include breathtaking views, vineyards, and of course some amazing wine.

Your wine tour should be fun and relaxing, even for the casual wine drinkers. While relaxing in the back of the limo in-between wineries, enjoy a glass of wine from the last winery you visited! Whether it is your first wine tour or your 100th, find a company who will take care of the details for you so you can sit back, and enjoy the day.

Unsure about which wine goes with what foods? No worries, if your wine tour includes a lunch, make sure to ask what wine will go best with your meal!

Whatever limo company you choose, customer service should be at the forefront. Make sure you find a company that has great reviews so your day will be the way you envisioned it to be. You should feel like you are going to be taken care of from the first “hello” on the phone.